Soothe the Sole Vegan Peppermint Foot Butter - 8oz


The benefits of peppermint oil are many. So, it does make perfect sense that it is routinely used in foot lotions and creams.

Menthol is found in mint plants and it produces a cool sensation on the skin, which can actually have a very calming affect on aching feet.

The fragrance of peppermint also activates a part of our brain that oversees sleeping and waking up cycles.

Soothe your aching soles after a hard day at work with our Soothe the Sole peppermint foot butter. It is cooling and energizing.

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Height 2.13
Width 3.63
Depth 3.63
Our "Soothe the Sole" peppermint foot butter will feel so amazing on tired feet.

An energizing aroma of peppermint with a minty feeling will help to soothe your tired soles.

Perfect for use after a foot Soak! Trying it is adopting it!