French Lavender Room/Body Spray - 1oz


Our French lavender room and body spray, is calming to the senses. Spray generously on the body after your shower, on bed linens, within your home, or any sacred space.

The Lavender Dreams Collection

Our French lavender has the most beautiful sweet and rich full bodied aroma. There is no doubt that you are going to love it!

Lavender has long been known to have a wonderful balancing and healing effect on the nervous system and, as we know, many imbalances of the body are stress related. So, lavender holds a very special place in the heart of every aromatherapist as a full spectrum oil.

Lavender has been used successfully in assisting the body healing burns, bug bites, wounds, bee stings and rashes.

Research has shown that the scent of lavender eases anxiety and insomnia, increasing slow wave sleep. Maybe our French lavender room and body spray should have been named sweet dreams.

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Height 4.25
Width 1.25
Depth 1.25
Our Lavender Maillette essential oil from Provence France is notably sweeter than most lavenders. France is still considered to be the best source and Premier lavender growing region.

This soothing lavender can be safely applied to minor burns, cuts and bruises. It is very calming when inhaled and relaxing, as it has been known to decrease tension and anxiety. A favorite choice in aromatherapy for children as well.