Duo Divas LLC

Duo Divas LLC is owned and operated by long-time friends, Lori Drayson and Diane Sarah Binder.

They met a little over 10 years ago when Lori flew from New York City to Washington State on a holiday.

As fate would have it, Lori booked a room at Peaceful Pines Bed & Breakfast, owned and operated by Diane and her husband Tom. Little did they know back then that this would be the beginning of a wonderful friendship that would lead to the creation of Duo Divas LLC.

Our promise to you, is to provide a high quality and therapeutically beneficial product that is carefully and lovingly made. Our intent is to provide pampering and moments of respite for you, in a serene and peaceful way. This could help you to redirect stressful energies into more positive experiences.

Through the silky textures, vegan ingredients and beautiful aromas of essential oils carefully selected for our products, you will experience a relaxing difference in your life. This is part of how we fulfill our mission to be of service and making a difference in the world.


Lori Drayson, LMT | Co-Founder & Owner

lori-drayson-by-duo-divas-llc.jpgLori is from New York City and is a graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, Gemologist-Gemological Institute of America and is an ordained by the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary as an Interfaith Minister.

She is also a renowned bodyworker, practicing diverse modalities of Massage Therapy and Healing Arts with more than 20 years of experience.

Lori highly energy sensitive and when first introduced to Palo Santo, she felt intense and deep resonance due to its high-frequency and healing attributes. She felt compelled to find a way of bringing Palo Santo to the world in forms other than through smoke.

She is extremely particular about the products she uses on her clients. Everything must be Organic, Vegan, High-Frequency, have great glide and moisturizing, without being greasy.

Her partnership with Aromatherapist Diane Binder - Co-Founder of Duo Divas LLC and Natures Higher Healing - assisted in creating high quality Body Butters and Sprays (which is what Lori uses on herself and others).

Nature’s Higher Healing’s lines of product are ever-evolving, well received, and met with tremendous appreciation and support.

Diane Sarah Binder, Holistic Aromatherapy & Certified Essential Oils Therapist | Co-Founder & Owner

diane-sarah-binder-by-duo-divas-llc.jpgOriginally from Michigan, Diane moved to Washington State in 2002 along with her husband Tom. They both love the area and felt with every visit, they were coming home.

With a background of 23 years as a manufacturing representative, the motivation to travel endless miles was absolutely no longer there and for the first five years, they opened their home as a bed-and-breakfast.

They met the most amazing people from all over the world. Diane's business partner Lori was actually one of her B&B guests!

Simultaneously, Diane was a caregiver for a 97 year old Alzheimer's patient, but after 4 years, this environment finally took its toll on her. With Lori's encouragement, she resigned and it was at about the same time that essential oils entered into her life and became her new passion. 

Diane wanted to know why each different oil worked so well on issues such as tummy aches and sore muscles and what part of their chemical composition provided that relief.

In 2012, She attended a year long aromatherapist certification course held at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. Her instructor was Jimm Harrison and she encourages everyone with an interest in essential oils to look him up. Simply put, she loves what she is doing now!

Duo Divas LLC feel great about the wonderful vegan products they offer and simply put: "It's all with you in mind!"